A moment of peace in

this dystopian nightmare

I will meet you at your high end hotel or condo, or I will buzz you up to my comfortable and discreet jungle apartment (I really, really like plants) and greet you at the door. We will briefly get to know each other if it’s our first time (or catch up if you’re coming back) over a snack and drink. If we meet at mine, I provide a towel, scented or unscented body wash, dry spray, and mouth wash and send you to the shower so you can get freshened up for our rendezvous.

Everything we need will be provided: all that’s missing is you.

Hourly Donations

I offer sliding scale rates. My minimum rates are lower than a lot of other established providers in my demographic, so you have the chance to give me the rate we both deserve. I’ll put my whole self into all sessions regardless of what you can afford.

All Rates are listed in CAD.
  • 60 minutes $350 - $600
  • 90 minutes $500 - $800
  • 120 minutes $650 - $1000

Let's Date!

Forget the time constraints of a quicker booking: delve into the true girlfriend experience. Show me off in public, or cuddle with me and watch true crime or horror films on my top-of-the line projector. Let’s intertwine our lives for a short time and forget everyone else.

All Rates are listed in CAD.